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Juice concentrates

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Grape juice concentrate

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Our company works with an important variety and different sizes and origins of garlic

Among our products you can find:

White Common Garlic: silver cloves wrapped, late, consumed dry.
Purple Garlic: Red wrap, pigmentation of the cloves become red, thick and short cloves, earlier than whites, strong flavor
Chinese Garlic: Best quality and production.


The product is shipped in:
- Loose Garlic in carton boxes of 22 lbs. (10 kgs.)
- Loose Garlic in carton boxes of 30 lbs. (13.6 kgs.)
- Garlic mesh of 3 units (50 units per box) Boxes are 19 and 22 lbs.(9 and 10 kgs.)
- Garlic mesh of 5 units (40 units per box) Boxes are 19 and 22 lbs (9 and 10 kgs.)

For more detailed information on our product availability, types, sizes, prices and possible presentations please contact us.




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